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What Size is that shirt

Posted by on May 9, 2012

His Name is Big Snacks, and I can’t even make it half way through this horrible train wreck of a song.

The over sized shirt thing is only around to stop fatso people from looking so fat, but im still making out the fully developed breasts. Also, if you look close there is a dinner plate sized indention on Big Snacks’ Mid section. That would be a gigantic belly button. Vile.

Triple Chins do not help you out when you are trying to prove how hard your “Guns Go Off” This guy loses his breath before he can get through even one stanza. Maybe he should run through a bridge and tunnel on his way to the Bakery (i mean.. Dance Club).

Every single rap lyric stereotype is covered here. Our buddy Snacks covers how he is “Hot in the Streets”, “Feeling like a Mac”, and “rolling down the street ready for beef”. Ding Dong. Easy E is rolling over in his grave. He also covers how his “game is hungry” And we all know what game that is.

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