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Fight! Fight!

Posted by on April 9, 2012










You know the feeling, and it’s probably why you avoid the ballpark and watch the game in HD. Bridge and tunnel at the game… Now we’re on their turf.

“Hey fucker, don’t spill your third tier watered down Heineken on me. You’re a fag!”

“Don’t you see this Jersey?! It means I’m pretty much on the team! Fuck you BRO!”

” My $49.99 cap is way cooler, I’ll kill you!!!”

And Boom. Some form of fisticuffs ensues. It can be entertaining, in the same way that watching a 2 year old play with an iPad is.

Yes. I see your jersey, and, no I didn’t mistake you Darren McFadden or Kobe or Jeremy Lin. The beer gut wasn’t the biggest giveaway. It was the neck beard you’re using to hide the Neck fat.


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