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Dude needs memory foam

Come on, Douche. Wait 30 minutes then drive your 2002 Civic back home and pass out on your ugly couch. Also the coat of arms on your hoody? Not working. you’re about 400 years too late.

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Fight of the Week Epsilon

This fight was filmed at a local McDonald’s after game 1 of the 2010 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers. Giants ended up winning the series, but really the winners are all of us by being able to witness this fast food frenzy of fists and chairs. Thanks to the … Continue reading »

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Heroin chic

Skinny Pastel Pants and a murse. These two ladies are ready for a night of fashion, fun, fruit martinis, and man on man love.

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Blackberry and Porche

This is just a gigantic pile of fail. Porche designed a Blackberry. I think “designed” is the funniest word in that sentence. How do you design something that’s already been designed? Ahh yes… Add metallic paint. Awful

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DJ Idiot

It’s called an iPod dude. Buy one.

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Bridge and Tunnel poses

This is another one of the Bridge and Tunnel female crowd. Do not be fooled by a tight booty and some sexy legs, because beneath that Mac Counter caked exterior is a lecherous demon who will have you changing her 3 kids’ diapers in no time.

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Fight of the Week Gamma

In this Corner, weighing in at 120 lbs, We have The Douchebag White Guy. In THIS Corner we have a 6’3″ Nubian King, just doing his job as a Bouncer outside of this local hotspot. Guess who wins? We have to give Little Mac some credit, as he keeps getting up. The Kid’s got balls.

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What Size is that shirt

His Name is Big Snacks, and I can’t even make it half way through this horrible train wreck of a song. The over sized shirt thing is only around to stop fatso people from looking so fat, but im still making out the fully developed breasts. Also, if you look close there is a dinner … Continue reading »

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Fight of the Week Alpha

  We are big fans of tradition here at bridgeandtunnel.org so I would like to start some traditions here for my readers, so i bring you our very first Fight of the Week. Every week i will bring to you the very best (worst?) brawls, rumbles and skirmishes on the interwebz. The BnT Rumble going … Continue reading »

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Booze can be BnT too.

Fluffed Marshmallow flavored Vodka… And Smirnoff no less. Let that roll around in your head a bit. I can just picture the tight dressed single mothers ordering their Mallow flavored vodka while spending a weekend in Las Vegas with the Bridge and Tunnel hoard. Who chooses this swill?

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