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Cowboy Mass Transit

Ride ‘em Cowboy. This guy wore his spurs on the Bus today. Let me say that again… This Guy wore his SPURS on the BUS. Now i know its hard to make the bus driver go any faster, but i really don’t think dressing like The Lone Ranger and trying to kick him is really … Continue reading »

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Dude needs memory foam

Come on, Douche. Wait 30 minutes then drive your 2002 Civic back home and pass out on your ugly couch. Also the coat of arms on your hoody? Not working. you’re about 400 years too late.

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Tattoo Snafu

When you can’t think of what you want to get tattooed on yourself you probably don’t want to open the fridge and pick the first logo you see. Don’t drink and ink people!!

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The Mean Mug can be a scary thing.                     .. Some of the time. When you looks like you’ve spent the last 3 months in Auschwitz you really dont intimidate a lot of people. Maybe its just me, but i don’t think the producers of Scared Straight will be … Continue reading »

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Pink Freak in Denim

This one takes “always stand out in the crowd” a little too literally. The outfit is one right out of the 80′s with the cut off denim vest on top of the denim ankle pants. He’s doing a little two step here as well. Very happy he was able to borrow a beanie from Cam’Ron.

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Fight of the Week Beta

No Everything Bagels? Ok Fine, Sesame. Everything is calm. The guy may be taking his time to make the bagel, but its ok. Nobody is worried about wasted time or germs. Then here comes Hero Sandwich. Flamboyantly strutting up to the counter with super hero long hair and a very aggressive attitude, this guy is … Continue reading »

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Alien Bridge and Tunnel brings the duckface

                      As We all know. The Bridge and Tunnel Crowd is made up of both sexes. Males and females, bouncing to the latest LMFAO track at the Club, grinding into each other as they try to impress with drawn on eyebrows and Dragon Ball Z … Continue reading »

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