Cowboy Mass Transit

Ride ‘em Cowboy. This guy wore his spurs on the Bus today.

Let me say that again…

This Guy wore his SPURS on the BUS.

Now i know its hard to make the bus driver go any faster, but i really don’t think dressing like The Lone Ranger and trying to kick him is really the way to make him go any faster.

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Dude needs memory foam

Come on, Douche. Wait 30 minutes then drive your 2002 Civic back home and pass out on your ugly couch.

Also the coat of arms on your hoody? Not working. you’re about 400 years too late.

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Fight of the Week Epsilon

This fight was filmed at a local McDonald’s after game 1 of the 2010 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers. Giants ended up winning the series, but really the winners are all of us by being able to witness this fast food frenzy of fists and chairs.

Thanks to the poster Animule Productions for taking the painstaking time to sync these videos together so we can study this mini riot from multiple angles.

At first it just seems like these ladies are posturing to get ahead in line. Who can Blame them really? I love me a Big Mac.

About a minute in they start throwing blows. These Ladies really want some McNuggets. Dont ever get between a woman and her Nuggets.

Then comes the big boys. These Guys come through swinging at everyone they can attack. Dudes, and Ladies are not safe from the Islander Version of The Natural Disasters. Earthquake and Typhoon make short work of the lone white man fighting against then. Ouch.

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4Loko skanks

Momma, Be proud of me. I got a modeling gig…

These ladies ain’t exactly lookers. Maybe they are the AFTER shot for a 4 loko Binge.

I like to think this is the ultimate revenge for some very clever Bride-to-be. Imagine forcing all of your forever 21 shopping friends to dress like a Roll of Life Savers on Meth…


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Heroin chic

Skinny Pastel Pants and a murse. These two ladies are ready for a night of fashion, fun, fruit martinis, and man on man love.


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Blackberry and Porche

This is just a gigantic pile of fail.


Porche designed a Blackberry. I think “designed” is the funniest word in that sentence. How do you design something that’s already been designed? Ahh yes… Add metallic paint. Awful

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DJ Idiot


It’s called an iPod dude. Buy one.

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Tattoo Snafu


When you can’t think of what you want to get tattooed on yourself you probably don’t want to open the fridge and pick the first logo you see.

Don’t drink and ink people!!

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The Mean Mug can be a scary thing.











.. Some of the time. When you looks like you’ve spent the last 3 months in Auschwitz you really dont intimidate a lot of people.

Maybe its just me, but i don’t think the producers of Scared Straight will be calling soon.

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Fight of the Week Delta

We got a two for one for you today good people.

Stompy Starts Us off.

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